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Xie Gongyi
  Xie Gongyi, male, of the Han nationality, was born in May 1980 in Fenghua Zhejiang. He graduated as a Master of Public Administration from the Zhejiang University, and joined the CPC. He is now a member of the Party Group of the Yinzhou District People’s Government.
He used to be Director and Secretary of the Party Group of the Fenghua District Investment Promotion Bureau, a member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee for the Construction of a Famous Mountain of Xuedou Mountain in Xikou.
  Xie Gongyi is responsible for water conservancy, agricultural and rural affairs, cultural tourism and sports, veteran affairs, agricultural materials, poverty alleviation in the region and so on.
He is in charge of the Yinzhou District Water Conservancy Bureau, the Yinzhou District Agriculture & Rural Administration Bureau (the Yinzhou District Fishery Bureau), the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau, the Yinzhou District Veteran Affairs Bureau, and the Yinzhou District Supply and Marketing Cooperative.
He is responsible for contact with the Office for the Research of Party History of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee (Compilation and Research Office of Local Chronicles of the Yinzhou District People’s Government), the Yinzhou District Media Convergence Center, the Yinzhou District Academy of Social Sciences (the Yinzhou District Federation of Social Sciences), Shamenghai School of Calligraphy, the Yinzhou District Federation of Literature and Art, the Yinzhou District Association for the Promotion of Old Revolutionary Bases, the Yinzhou District Beautiful Village Research Society, and the Yinzhou District Meteorological Bureau.
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