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Bright Future

Economic Capability

Further modify and optimize economic structure and industrial pattern, form new types of industrial system and industrial pattern with vigor, keep the main economic parameters such as GDP, budget financial income and social investment on fix assets top among the whole city and the whole province, develop into one of the key advanced manufacturing bases of the Yangtze River Delta.

Green Area

The new district preliminarily comes into being, the development of urban-rural unification takes on a new look, the construction of ecological zone (emerald hill, clean water, blue sky, green land) obtains conspicuous success, the urbanization ratio reach 65%and the green coverage ratio reach 36%, realize the continuable development of economy, society, population, resources and environment, be the first-rate ecological urban area in china, be the most attractive place to inhabit and the new hot spot in the urbanization of Ningbo City.


Build the society advocating lifelong study; keep developing science and technology, education, culture, health and sport; the moral system, cultural development pattern and fair development environment adapted to the requirement of the times preliminarily come into being; conspicuously improve the civilized degree of urban and rural areas.


Build perfect social insurance system, keep urban unemployment ratio below 4%and Engel Index below 32%, maintain good social security, improve people’s living standard continuously and solve the highlighted issues of them, conscientiously guarantee people’s legal rights and democratic rights.

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