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Humane History

Yinzhou District is famous for its long history and brilliant culture. Many ancient celebrities, such as Zhang Bang-qi, He Zhi-zhang, Wang An-shi, Wu Wen-ying, Wan Si-tong, etc., had left works here. Taking here as the base, the Zhedong school of thought opened a magnificent chapter in the Chinese academic history. Weng Wen-hao (a geologist), Tong Di-zhou (a biologist) and Sha Meng-hai (a calligrapher) are the outstanding representatives of Yinzhou’s People.Yinzhou is also one of the key towns in Zhejiang Province inhabited by relatives of overseas Chinese, which is the origin of “Ningbo Faction”.

The Dongqian Lake is a provincial landscape of Zhejiang Province. Having “the momentum of the Tai Lake”and”the elegance of the West Lake”at the same time. Pipaji, the foundation works of Nan Opera, was finished at the Ruiguang Tower of the Dongqian Lake. As the “back garden”of Ningbo City, the Dongqian Lake Scenic Spot has many hot spots for tourism, including: Tiantong Temple, Ayu King Temple, Tashan Weir, Liangshanbo Temple and the Five Dragon Pond Scenic Spot.

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