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Zhu Jiantao
    Zhu Jiantao, Male, of Han nationality, was born in May 1969 in Ningbo Zhejiang. He joined the CPC in March 1990 and started to work in June1988. He is a graduate from Correspondence School of Central Party School. At present he is Member of Party Committee of Yinzhou Government.
  The posts he took: Member of Hengjie Town’s Party Committee in Yinxian, Deputy Town chief , Member of Zhonggongmiao Party Committee ,Deputy Town Chief of Zhonggongmiao Town ,Vice Chairman of Zhonggongmiao Street of Yinzhou, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Secretary of the working committee, Office director ,Secretary of Working Committee in Shounan Street of Yinzhou District ,Director of Working Committee in Yinzhou District ,Secretary of Party’s Working Committee in XiaYing Street of Yinzhou District.
  He is responsible for housing and urban-rural development and management, civil air defense, transportation administration, the development and construction of Changfeng, management of requisition and relocation, and “3 Renovations & 1 Demolition”, namely renovations of old residential areas, old factories and urban villages and demolition of illegal buildings.
He is also in charge of Yinzhou District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau (Yinzhou District Civil Air Defense Office), Yinzhou District Transportation Bureau, Yinzhou District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau (Yinzhou District Urban Management Bureau), Changfeng Development and Construction Headquarters, Yinzhou District Requisition Administration Center (Yinzhou District Urban Village Renovation Center), Yinzhou District Infrastructure Construction Center, Yinzhou Office for “3 Renovations & 1 Demolition”, Yintong Group, and Yinkai Group.
He is responsible for contact with Ningbo East New Town Development and Construction Headquarters and Yinfeng Marine Department.
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