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Zhu Xiaoli
  Zhu Xiaoli, female, of Han nationality, was born in August 1972 in Hanyin Shaanxi and graduated from North China University Of Water Resources And Electric Power. She started to work in 1995. At present she is Vice Mayor of Yinzhou District Government.
The posts she took include: Associate Engineer, Engineer and Head of Ningbo Pumping Station, Chief of Water Regulation and Water Resources Section of Ningbo Rural Area and Chief Engineer of Ningbo Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau.
  She is responsible for civil affairs, water resources, agricultural and rural development, agricultural inputs and local poverty alleviation and so on.
She is also in charge of Yinzhou District Civil Affairs Bureau, Yinzhou District Water Resources Bureau, Yinzhou District Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau (Yinzhou District Fishery Bureau), and Yinzhou Supply and Marketing Cooperative.
She is responsible for contact with Yinzhou District Federation of Disabled Persons, Yinzhou District Charity Federation, Yinzhou District Association for the Development of Old Revolutionary Areas, Yinzhou District Charming Countryside Research Society, and Yinzhou District Meteorology Bureau.
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