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Wo Yongte
  Wo Yongte, male, Han ethnicity, was born in February 1975 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. He got a master degree from Party School of the Central Committee of CPC. He started working in August, 1995 and joined the CPC party in June 1995. He is now a member of the standing committee of the CPC party of and deputy district chief of Yinzhou.
He was once secretary of Yinzhou Communist Youth League, secretary of the party group, chairman of Yinzhou Youth Federation, Deputy Secretary of Qiu’ai Town CPC Party Committee, Mayor of Qiu’ai Town, Secretary of CPC Party Committee of and chairman of People's Congress of Xianxiang Town, assistant of the mayor of Majiang County, Guizhou Province (temporary), secretary of the Yinzhou CPC party committee, Director of Yinzhou Government Office, secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangshan Town, and secretary of the Party Committee of Yinzhou Industrial Park CPC party.
  He is responsible for government administrative tasks, development and reform, food and material reserves, counterpart support and regional cooperation, development of military-civilian integration, development of the justice system and law-based government, human resources and social security, veteran affairs, people’s armed forces, emergency response administration, production safety, statistics, administrative assessment, approval and management, public resource transaction management, government offices’ affairs, early stage of urban development, coordination guarantee for rail transit, state-owned assets supervision and management, big data administration, government information disclosure, protection and utilization of natural resources and relevant planning, and taxation and so on. He assists in the work related to financial performance and auditing.
He is also in charge of the Office of Yinzhou District People’s Government, Yinzhou Development and Reform Bureau (Yinzhou Bureau of Food and Materials; Yinzhou Bureau for Support and Cooperation), Yinzhou Justice Bureau (Yinzhou Bureau for Administrative Review), Yinzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Yinzhou Veteran Affairs Bureau, Yinzhou Emergency Response Management Office, Yinzhou Auditing Bureau, Yinzhou Administrative Approval and Management Office, Yinzhou Government Offices Administration Bureau, Yinzhou Early-stage Urban Development Center (Yinzhou Rail Transit Supporting Center), Yinzhou State-owned Assets Administration Center, Yinzhou Big Data Center and Yincheng Group.
He is responsible for contact with the Administrative Committee of Dongqian Lake Tourist & Holiday Resort, Ningbo Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd., Ningbo Rail Transit Engineering Construction Command (Ningbo Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd.), Yinzhou District People’s Congress, Yinzhou District People’s Political Consultative Conference, Yinzhou District Supervisory Committee, Yinzhou District Court, Yinzhou District Procuratorate, Yinzhou District People's Armed Forces Department, Yinzhou Policy Research Office, Yinzhou District Public Complaints and Proposals Administration, Yinzhou District Reception Center, Yinzhou District Finance Bureau, Yinzhou District Auditing Bureau, Yinzhou District Advisory Committee, Yinzhou District Fire Rescue Brigade, Ningbo Natural Resources Planning Yinzhou Sub-bureau, Yinzhou District Taxation Bureau, Ningbo Taxation Bureau No. 1 Inspection Bureau, investigation team and troops stationed in Yinzhou.
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