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“Yinzhou Night” inspires night economic vitality

2020-06-29 14:19:53

Delicacies, beautiful things, charming sceneries, awesome, bustling and orderly… During the past Dragon Boat Festival holiday a few days ago, the First “Yinzhou Night YEAH YEAH Night Market”, elaborately put forth by the Yinzhou District, made the busy Water Street in the Ningbo Southern Business District the focus of the city. Till June 27, the 3-day night market had attracted over 300,000 local residents with a total sales volume adding up to 1.5 million yuan. How awesome the vitality of night economy is!

“I never expected that we could earn 30,000 yuan for selling snacks during the 3-day night market. What an awesome platform that our government has provided for us. We will participate in every coming night market!” Shen Mifen, one of the exhibitors of the night market, said.

Shen Mifen owns several snack bars. Affected by the epidemic, business has been bad this year. This time, when she learned that a large-scale night market would be held in the Water Street, the Ningbo Southern Business District, she applied to take part in the event for a try and bought a lot of food materials in advance. During the 3-day market, she mainly sold food such as octopus balls, sausages and Moree Jelly, especially Moree Jelly added with fresh fruit and nuts which are quite popular among the young people nowadays. After 3 days of night market, her 2 snack stalls sold 31,000 yuan in total, winning the first place in snack sales. “I didn’t expect that the night market would be so hot. When the stall was being closed at night, there were still so many people who would not leave. This activity is really awesome. Knowing this, many of my friends want to set up stalls too.” Shen Mifen said.

The hot night market and the constant stream of people not only inject vitality into the night economy, but also sweep away the psychological haze brought by the long-term impact of the epidemic. Wu Jin, who has been engaged in foreign trade for many years, encountered the epidemic shortly after he founded a foreign trade company with his friends. Wu Jin was quite depressed, but he has regained confidence after participating in the night market. In the night market, Wu Jin’s company set up a stall to sell men’s and women’s simple T-shirts of various colors. Because of their high quality and low price, they were very popular. In just three days, the sales volume reached up to about 5,000 yuan. “I really didn’t expect that I would set up a stall, not to mention that the business at the stall is so good and that there’re so many buyers. Now we are confident to get through difficulties!” Wu Jin said.

The First “Yinzhou Night YEAH YEAH Night Market”, organized by the Yinzhou District People’s Government, and co-hosted by the Yinzhou District Bureau of Commerce, the Administrative Committee of the Ningbo Southern Business District, the Yincheng Group and the Hengtai Commercial, aims to develop itself into a night market of the largest scale and highest quality in Ningbo. 316 characteristic shops were selected from more than 1,200 applicant shops, and many of which are famous online stores in Ningbo. The exhibition and display were carefully arranged and reasonably divided into 5 major themes, including the Taste of Ningbo, Delicate Outlets, Caring Culture and Innovation, Top Fashion and Music Festival. All kinds of shops and bright night scene complement each other; each section with different themes was hustling and busy; more merchants therefore established the courage to “survive” and the confidence to seize business opportunities.

At the scene of the night market, there were public welfare advertisements such as promoting the use of “serving chopsticks and spoons” and garbage classification. The working staff regularly inspected and collected garbage in case any found and maintained the order onsite. Although the whole night market was hot, it is civilized and in order.

During the night market, owners of up to about 300 shops came to scan the QR code to apply for participation in coming night markets. For the next step, the “Yinzhou Night YEAH YEAH Night Market” will present you with selected shops every Friday and Saturday night in the west zone of the Water Street in the Ningbo Southern Business District (the main venue) and along the Hill Fair & Folk Custom Street (the branch venue). The activity is to last until October.