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Yinzhou wins 2 national awards

2020-06-22 14:59:30

After being shortlisted as one of the “Top 10 Charming Cities (Districts) in Zhejiang Provinces” last week, Yinzhou won 2 national awards of “China’s Most Charming Cultural Tourism Area” and “China’s Rural Revitalization and Development Demonstration Area” at the “Beautiful China 2020 Cultural Tourism Integration and Rural Revitalization and Development Investment and Financing Conference” which ended on June 21, revealing Yinzhou’s charm and strength again.

From June 19 to June 21, the “Beautiful China 2020 Cultural Tourism Integration and Rural Revitalization and Development Investment and Financing Conference”, themed “innovation, development, integration and win-win”, was co-hosted by the Agricultural and Rural Investment Professional Committee of the Investment Association of China, the Forestry Ecotourism Working Committee of the China Forestry and Environment Promotion Association, and China Travel Media Alliance in Sanya, Hainan. The conference aims to fully implement the important spirit of “cultural tourism integration and rural revitalization” and promote the recovery and development of tourism after the epidemic.

Winners of related awards were announced during the conference. Yinzhou has won 2 national awards, namely the “China’s Most Charming Cultural Tourism Area” and “China’s Rural Revitalization and Development Demonstration Area”. The film showing the integrated development of culture and tourism in Yinzhou was broadcasted and promoted at the conference, which received extensive praises.

In recent years, Yinzhou District has established its development direction of “full-range characteristic tourism” relying on rural advantageous resources such as “mountains, streams, lakes, the sea, temples, fields, forests and villages”, and has taken the construction of “big garden” as a development opportunity for vigorous development of the rural tourism, thus gradually forming a full-range charming layout of “one family one scenery, one village one painting, one town one scenery, and one city one landscape”. At present, Yinzhou boasts four 4A-level scenic spots, including the Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum and the Tiangong Farmstead, three 3A-level scenic spots, including Qing’an Museum and Hengxi scenic area, and 33 municipal and provincial special leisure brand bases. In addition, Yinzhou District has developed a group of provincial and national rural tourism brands, such as the Tiangong Farmstead, which is one of the Top 10 farmsteads in China and a national rural tourism demonstration scenic spot in China, traditional villages of Zoumatang Village and Qinyong Village, and the Hongxiang Fruit Base, a golden fruit picking base in the Yangtze River Delta, and so on.

The construction of rural tourism in the Yinzhou District has formed a series of points and lines, developing into regions. Yinzhou has developed 54 provincial A-level scenic villages, including nine 3A-level scenic villages, therefore forming a full-range rural tourism layout, supported by municipal full-range tourism demonstration areas and provincial competitive tourism towns, scenic spot towns and provincial characteristic tourism villages.

In addition, the Yinzhou District takes the integration of culture and tourism as an opportunity to establish the concept of “coordinating efforts all over the district as on a single chessboard” for the development of cultural tourism. 

There are 23 museums and art galleries under construction, among which the Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum is a national 4A-level tourist attraction and a representative piece of work of Wang Shu, a winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize; Hengxi Gold Paint Wood Carving Museum inherits classics with intangible cultural heritage, which is not only a national 3A-level scenic spot, but also a provincial industrial tourism demonstration base.

Attaching importance to the inheritance and revitalization of intangible cultural heritage culture and integrating the charm of intangible cultural heritage culture into tourism ecology is also a highlight for promoting the integration of culture and tourism in the Yinzhou District. At present, Yinzhou boasts 101 district intangible cultural heritage projects, 51 municipal intangible cultural heritage projects, 20 provincial intangible cultural heritage projects and 4 national intangible cultural heritage projects. With the help of traditional festivals and tourism exhibitions, the intangible cultural heritage projects have developed a series of special lines for intangible cultural heritage tourism and “Maritime Silk Road” tourism, focusing on revitalization and inheritance, so as to leave tourists with deep impression and contribute to better integration of culture and tourism.