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Hangzhou municipal Party and government delegation visits Yinzhou

2020-06-18 10:36:40

In the morning of June 16, the Hangzhou municipal Party and government delegation, led by Zhou Jiangyong, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, and Liu Xin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Hangzhou City, made a visit to Yinzhou for an investigation of experience and measures related to community governance and high-quality industrial development. Song Yueshun, Chu Yinliang, Zhu Xiaoli and Dai Huaxiang accompanied the delegation for the investigation.

The delegation firstly went to visit the Haichuang Community in the Xiaying Sub-district, looking at exhibition boards, listening to the introduction and communicating in detail, so as to fully understand community management, Party building leadership, garbage classification, volunteer services and so on. As the largest single commercial and residential community in Ningbo, Haichuang Community has been established for more than 5 years, fully practicing the concept of overall governance and development, building four red positions to rally people’s hearts, activating the vitality of residents’ autonomy while relying on volunteer services, and embarking on a quality community development road under co-governance and sharing. Members of the delegation highly praised the community’s practice of leading social governance innovation with Party building and multi-party linkage to serve community residents.

During the stay in the Boway Group, the delegation watched a video on the development of the company and visited the exhibition hall of the company. As an enterprise specialized in non-ferrous metal processing, the Boway Group has been highlighting technological innovation and technical management for many years. In its development of over 30 years, it has not only undertaken the formulation of a number of industrial standards, but also produced products that fill a number of domestic gaps, and now boasts 8 manufacturing bases worldwide. The delegation said that over the years, Boway Group has been adhering to the concept of being precise, specialized and competitive, accelerating the production and R&D of advanced materials, and strengthened key core technologies, which has played a positive role in promoting high-quality development of the modern intelligent manufacturing industry.