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173 enterprises in Yinzhou go all out to prepare for attending the “online” Canton Fair

2020-06-15 15:01:06

As is learnt from the Yinzhou District Bureau of Commerce on June 12, the 127th Canton Fair is held online from June 15 to June 24. A total of 173 enterprises in the Yinzhou District participate in the fair. This “China’s first exhibition”, regarded as the wind vane of the development of the foreign trade industry, applies the “online” approach for the first time, bringing opportunities and challenges for foreign trade enterprises affected by the epidemic.

In recent days, in the newly built live studio of China Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd., platform enterprises participating in the fair are conducting live product promotion drills in turn to ensure good live broadcasting effect during the online Canton Fair, so as to attract more foreign buyers’ attention and orders. During the fair, the live studio of China Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd. will present over 200 live broadcasting for platform enterprises and has reserved 100 online exhibition stands. Earlier, the company also sent a professional team to help the platform enterprises to take photos and videos of products that would be displayed in the online exhibition hall. “Compared with the narrow space of a real exhibition booth, the cloud space of the online booth is large, which can attract more foreign attention, therefore we try to display as many product photos online as possible, and attract more customers’ attention through live broadcasting and video playback.” Ying Xiuzhen, General Manager of the China Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd. said.

In addition to organizing a professional team, selecting main products, taking photos and recording and broadcasting videos for comprehensive display on the online booth, Ningbo Winpex Group Co., Ltd., requires each department to appoint a special person to broadcast live. Meanwhile, the company sent invitation letters to customers, inviting them to choose products at the online Canton Fair, and arranged customers to attend the video conference, hoping to strengthen communication, exchanges and cooperation with customers through online means.

The 10-day online Canton Fair provides services, including 24-hour online promotion, supply and procurement docking, and online negotiation and so on, so as to develop an online foreign trade platform with high-quality and characteristic commodities, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can place orders and do business at home.

By transforming the traditional onsite booths into online ones, orders are able to be won through online display and communication. This different communication and negotiation mode undoubtedly brings new challenges to foreign trade enterprises. The exhibitors in the Yinzhou District have done their best. Many of them have built new live broadcasting rooms, set up teams for live broadcasting, and conducted training programs for many times, looking forward to attracting new orders. Exhibitors generally believe that with the development of the situation, online trade fairs will become a normal practice in the future. Through the practice and test of this online Canton Fair, enterprises could improve their adaptability and control ability faster and broaden market channels better.

As is learnt, during the online Canton Fair, 19 enterprises representing the delegation of exhibitors from Yinzhou are to broadcast live in the sharing Live Room in the Haiyi Hotel in turn to promote their own high-quality products.