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The Conference on Prevention and Control of the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus held in the forefront

2020-02-06 10:44:58

“We need to make quick decisions and response in time, and deal with things as soon as possible; we need to invite the masses to participate in the prevention, and never miss one person during the investigation…” At about 10 a.m., February 5, Xu Xianjun, Secretary of the Party Branch of Dongcheng Village in Zhanqi Town, was on the safeguarding post at Dongmenkou and he watched the live broadcast of the Yinzhou Conference on Prevention and Control of the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus on “DingTalk”, receiving the latest command from the headquarters in real time.

With the arrival of the peak period of workers getting back to work and the school students about to go to school, it is now critical to prevent and control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Yinzhou takes the initiative to hold this conference so as to update, specify and improve measures for the very prevent and control.

“In order to avoid people gathering together and effectively and accurately convey instructions to the grass-root units, we make full use of the video technology, synchronize important meetings to the forefront of villages and communities, and transmit the battle map and march map of epidemic prevention and control to the “gatekeepers” at the forefront in real time through data transmission.” A person in charge of the Yinzhou District Big Data Center said.

On that day, nearly 700 village and community cadres watched the live broadcast of the conference while fighting in the front line of the war against the virus. It is the first time that Yinzhou uses information technology to hold a video conference on the front line of villages and communities.

The villages and communities are the first gate for the prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. In recent days, the grass-root cadres represented by the secretaries of Party branches of villages and communities stick to the battlefield day and night, publicize widely, investigate region-wide, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the “last meter” at the door. The person in charge of the district’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters said that if the village and community cadres gather together to have a meeting as usual, it will not only do not good to the epidemic prevention and control, but also make the front-line lacking in working staff.

“Now the number of people returning to Ningbo is increasing. According to the requirements of the conference, the investigation in the village must be further strengthened and specified so as to ensure that there’s no blind area or dead corner left.” Once the conference ended, Xu Xianjun called on village cadres, Party members and representatives of the villagers to “digest” the latest instructions, and planned to adopt the management and control tactics of affixing seals to those rental houses.