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An enterprise in Yinzhou rushes out sterilization robots to help the epidemic area

2020-02-03 10:53:28

In recent days, workers of the Ningbo Zhongwu Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd., located in Panhuo Sub-district, are working overtime so as to rush out 10 sets of medical pulse light sterilization robots within 20 days for helping disinfection, sterilization and epidemic prevention in hospitals of Wuhan.

As is learnt, Ningbo Zhongwu Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, already gets to be the only one in China that has the ability to self-develop, manufacture and sell pulsed light sterilization systems. Two years ago, the company self developed medical pulse light sterilization robots, applicable for rapid disinfection of public places with large population flow. Such a robot is able to sterilize the surface and environment that people often contact in 5 minutes.

As is introduced by Yang Tianhan, General Manager of this company, the application of pulse light in the medical sterilization market is still in its infancy in China, while in foreign markets it has gradually getting matured.

“Our product is good at quickly killing mold, spore bacteria and other stubborn bacteria that need to be broken. It is also effective against the SARS virus, MRSA coronavirus, Ebola virus and the novel coronavirus this time.” Yang Tianhan said. On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, when Yang Tianhan found out on TV that the epidemic area was lacking in disinfection materials and that there’s an increasing demand for disinfection and sterilization materials, she decided to contribute as much as she could.

Yang Tianhan, together with her friends, has contacted 10 hospitals in Wuhan those were lacking in disinfection and sterilization equipment and is to donate 10 sets of medical pulse light sterilization robots, valued about 3 million yuan, to these hospitals. As such robots are all made to order and there’s no inventory, the board members of the company contacted local employees and relevant material suppliers one by one. On the second day of the first lunar month, the company recalled 1/4 of its employees to produce the robots without a stop on the basis of making sure of well protection of workers.