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Chen Yijun visits Yinzhou for researches and investigations

2020-02-20 17:39:10

On February 19, Chen Yijun, Vice Governor of the Zhejiang province, made a visit to Ningbo, visiting manufacturing enterprises and major projects for in-depth implementation of providing “3 Services” and investigation as well as providing guidance for work and production resumption and epidemic prevention and control.

In the afternoon of that day, Chen Yijun and her delegation went to the TJ5117 project of Phase I of the Ningbo Rail Transit Line 5 for learning the development of work and production resumption there. The project department now has more than 100 management and operation personnel, all of whom chose to stay in Ningbo during the Spring Festival holiday. The application for work resumption was submitted on February 16. At present, the resumption of work and the prevention and control of the epidemic after resumption of work in accordance with relevant requirements are being promoted steadily and the order of production and construction are restoring gradually and in order. “In this time of emergency, working harder and more carefully has and will pay off.” Chen Yijun fully affirmed the measures that had been taken by the project department for epidemic prevention and control as well as work and production resumption for the development of this major project in accordance with the original plan.

Later on, Chen Yijun and the delegation went to the Ningbo Jiangshan Wanli Real Estate Co., Ltd. for an investigation. This company resumed work on February 14, and 4 of its 8 projects have resumed construction and the rest 4 are to resume construction after February 20 gradually. Chen Yijun affirmed the situation of work and construction resumption of the enterprise and emphasized that the most critical factor in the resumption of work and production is people. It’s wished that the company continues to carry out scientific epidemic prevention and control and turn the crisis into an opportunity, plan early and start work early for work and production resumption. In particular, efforts should be made to organize workers to return to Ningbo, and every means should be taken for solving problems and resuming full production and construction as soon as possible.

During the researches and investigations, Chen Yijun had meetings with relevant enterprises, collecting the problems that had been encountered by enterprises and the calling for help from enterprises. Chen promised that relevant communication will be strengthened for solving the problems.

Leaders in Yinzhou and Ningbo, including Chu Yinliang, Shen Min and Zhu Jiantao, participated in the visits.