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Chu Yinliang pays visits to enterprises in business buildings for inspection over work resumption

2020-02-17 14:08:27

As the core area of the building economy in Ningbo, the work resumption of enterprises in business buildings is related to the recovery of the modern service industry in the Yinzhou District, as well as the improvement and recovery of the industrial chain and industrial ecology of the “3 Resumption” in Ningbo. In the morning of February 16, Chu Yinliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee and the First Group Leader of the Yinzhou District Epidemic Prevention and Control Leadership Group, paid visits to business buildings for the inspection over enterprises’ work resumption. He emphasized that we should thoroughly study the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, make overall efforts for epidemic prevention and control and work resumption among enterprises in the business buildings so as to accelerate the breakthrough of the pain points in enterprises’ work resumption, create a favorable modern service industrial ecological environment, and stimulate the dynamic force of economic development, and shoulder the proper actions and responsibilities while Yinzhou being the urban core area in Ningbo.

In the Dongnan Building of the Eastern New Town, 16 enterprises in the building have resumed work early on February 14. In order to reduce large-scale gathering-together and facilitate enterprises to handle relevant document business, the building sets up a separate temporary document handover center, which can ensure the epidemic prevention and promote full speed operation of relevant businesses of the enterprises. Chu Yinliang affirmed that the buildings had seen things clearly, planned early and acted early, and asked relevant sub-districts, departments and industries to learn from them. After having a detailed understanding of work resumption, management and operation in these business buildings, he encouraged enterprises to further strengthen their sense of social responsibility and play their leading, demonstrative and benchmark role in their respective industries.

Chu Yinliang said that the modern service industry, such as shipping logistics, is equivalent to one of the “main arteries” of economic development. The Yinzhou District, Ningbo and Zhejiang pay great attention to such problems and are working hard to solve them, and that enterprises should also take active measures to implement epidemic prevention measures and improve working efficiency.

Later on, Chu Yinliang went to the Finance Center Building in the Eastern New Town. In the Ningbo Weiyuan Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., he checked the work that had been done for epidemic prevention and control, asked about the development, and was satisfied with the strict epidemic prevention and control and the orderly resumption of production. The enterprise also expressed confidence in future development. Chu Yinliang also listened to the relevant epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production arrangements of Ningbo Eastern New Town Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd.

During the inspection, Chu Yinliang pointed out that as the urban core area of Ningbo, the prevention and control of the epidemic and the work resumption are not only a battle to bear the responsibility, but also a test of our ability. The enterprises in the business buildings in the whole district should pay attention to epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production at the same time, strive to promote the gathering of elements and the improvement of urban energy, and coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation with the attitude of “having a test” for the economic and social development, and carry out the original mission in the battle and win high scores in the examination.

Chu Yinliang required that the current epidemic prevention and control is at a time of confrontation. The work resumption of enterprises in the business buildings should not only make every effort to achieve precision, but also take multiple measures to organize a full epidemic prevention and control network; we should not only pay more attention to the prevention and control of the current epidemic situation, but also actively serve and optimize the services for the resumption of work and production; not only classify and refine measures, but also solve problems “point-to-point”, promote the industry to return to work quickly and in an orderly manner, keep the whole chain running continuously and healthily, further demonstrate the industrial ecology and business environment of Yinzhou, and further stimulate the industrial vitality and connotation.

Chu Yinliang emphasized that towns, sub-districts and departments should attach great importance to all kinds of problems and difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of resumption of work and production, and relevant industrial parks should take on more major responsibilities, do a good job in information submission, examination and approval services and other kinds of work for the resumption of work and production, strengthen efforts and optimize services, and take the initiative and take responsibility in combination with “3 Services”, “3 Visits” and so on to be responsible for urgent needs and key requirements of enterprises in business buildings; that we should further strengthen the interaction between the government and enterprises in the joint prevention and control of the epidemic, in the joint promotion of resumption of work and production, and try to achieve safe and orderly work resumption; that targeted supporting policies and measures should be introduced to help enterprises solve problems and develop further, so that the majority of enterprises in business buildings can develop confidence and determination of development, follow the trend and take advantage of it, ensure the healthy and orderly economic and social development, and truly plays the role of being the urban core area.