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Yinzhou continues to improve the strength and influence of charity

2020-01-09 09:11:50

As is learnt from the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Fifth Council of the Yinzhou District Charity Federation on January 7, over the past one year, the charity cause has been developed to a higher level with a total amount of 122 million yuan raised and 105 million yuan distributed throughout the year, benefiting more than 60,000 families and 70 public welfare units.

Last year, the Yinzhou District Charity Federation, taking the opportunity of its 20 years’ anniversary and relying on strong support and close interactions of all sectors of the society, realized new achievements on aspects of charity collection, rescue, cultural construction and volunteer team establishment, etc. Among them, in the aspect of charity collection, Yinzhou has fully stimulated the internal motivation of government departments to participate in charity. For example, the Yinzhou District Bureau of Veterans Affairs took the lead to establish a “Veteran Caring” Fund of 50 million yuan, which is used to encourage and support the employment and entrepreneurship of veterans and their families in need; the Federation, together with the Yinzhou District Education Bureau, the Yinzhou District Health Care Bureau and caring enterprises to establish the “Healthy Growing-up Escort Project” Fund for primary and middle school students in Yinzhou District, which is to invest 5 million yuan each year to ensure the vision and mental health of students in the whole district.

In order to implement the charity rescue, the Yinzhou District Charity Federation expanded the “7 major projects” to “10 major projects”, covering medical, judicial, educational fields and so on. New relief projects for gastric cancer and colorectal cancer have been added, and the “Hand in Hand Project” focuses on helping the poor patients with congenital limb deformities have access to surgeries.

Last year, Yinzhou District increased the assistance to counterpart poverty alleviation areas, and successively distributed 33 aid funds to Helong, Jilin Province, totaling 22.1908 million yuan, which were used for sharing rice fields, eye-caring workstation of Helong People’s Hospital, assisting the construction of the gymnasium of Helong No. 6 Middle School, building nursing homes, helping with poverty alleviation and so on; Yinzhou distributed 3.202 million yuan to the city of Yanji for the construction of children’s library, supporting projects for students, pairing assistance, etc.; a total of 950,000 yuan was donated for infrastructure construction in Xinjiang Sakagu School and buying medical equipment for the 11th Regiment Hospital; another 600,000 yuan was donated for Yinzhou and Qujiang to carry out the Yinzhou-Qujiang “Caring Health Care” Charity Event for Medical Assistance.