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Yinzhou carries out in-depth the “No. 1 Project” of digital economy

2020-01-23 10:00:54

On January 20, Ye Chaowei, General Manager of the “Wingoht”, told the reporters that they are communicating for the 5G strategic cooperation with China Mobile. Since last December, the company has joined the Zhejiang Provincial 5G Industrial Alliance and accelerated the pace of development in the field of 5G. “5G is an important support for the construction of industrial Internet network system. We have been actively developing 5G-based data transmission module for a long time. In the future, we will cooperate with service providers and Huawei equipment manufacturers to help manufacturing enterprises get on the ‘5G Fast Lane’.” Ye Chaowei said.

“Wingoht” is the epitome of the “No.1 Project” of digital economy in Yinzhou, seizing the cutting edge technologies for the development of industrial manufacturing. Last year, Yinzhou District has achieved an added industrial value of 30.721 billion yuan with an increase of 4.9%; the added value of core industries of the digital economy has added up to 4.394 billion yuan with an increase of 11.8%, far higher than the growth rate of the added industrial value of the industries above designated scale, and the proportion of the digital economy in the GDP has reached to 48%. The new momentum is the “acceleration key” for the high-quality economic development in Yinzhou.

In recent years, Yinzhou has been focusing on the development of kernel digital industry, and continuously accelerating the layout of frontier digital economic industry, including the big data, artificial intelligence and industrial IOT, etc., mainly focusing on the development of core industries of digital economy with smart household electrical appliances (home living), smart auto parts, smart equipment and so on as the core, fully promoting regional industrial transformation and upgrading. Yinzhou has successfully ranked among the top 3 industrial digital transformation districts in the province, and has ranked the first in Ningbo and the fourth in Zhejiang for 5 consecutive years on the aspect of integration of industries and information technologies.

A large number of vigorous enterprises in Yinzhou are the major force in the development of digital economy in Yinzhou. Last year, the software and information service industry in Yinzhou boasted a total income of 25.2 billion yuan, ranking the first in Ningbo with an increase of 25% year on year, and the number of software information enterprises reached over 1,600. Enterprises, including the Ningbo Branch of Shanghai Microelectronics Research Institute of Peking University, and the Baidu Intelligent Fire Safety IOT and so on, successfully settled down, contributing to the development of the digital economy in our district.

Thanks to the advantages of the manufacturing industry, Yinzhou vigorously promotes intelligent production. With the model effect of leading enterprises such as Aux Air Conditioning Intelligent Factory and BorgWarner Digital Workshop, Yinzhou encourages enterprises to realize digital and refined management and control. Last year, Yinzhou boasts 4 new digital workshops / intelligent factories certified by the government of Ningbo; on January 15, the e-Ship Smart Industrial Park, co-run by the SHIP Group and Ningbo Yingong Group, was unveiled. Relying on the diagnosis service of intelligent manufacturing engineering service companies, Yinzhou will guide more enterprises to implement technological transformation, and promote the integration of industry and new technologies and new formats such as the Internet, big data, and industrial design and so on.

According to Yinzhou’s development goal of cultivating “154” Ten-and-Hundred-Billion Level Industrial Clusters, by 2025, the software and emerging service industrial clusters in Yinzhou will strive to achieve business income of 100 billion yuan. 5 to 6 enterprises with business income of more than 1 billion yuan will be introduced and cultivated, and Yinzhou will be developed into a radiation zone, a joint action zone and a transformation zone for the software industry in Ningbo. As is said by the Yinzhou District Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Yinzhou is to insist on the leadership of digital economy and takes the opportunity of developing a “famous characteristic software city” of Ningbo to introduce projects for settlement and introduce a group of high-end quality projects, giving full play to industrial multiplier effect. Yinzhou will focus on building East Bund Software Industrial Park and the Software and Information Technology Industry Building, speed up the construction of Ningbo Microelectronics Innovation Industrial Park, promote the production of projects with “SGS” and “Innosilicon”, create brands of Yinzhou in the field of integrated circuit R&D and design for realization of the agglomeration of advantageous industries, resources and technologies, and strive to boost the pace of innovation and development of industrial economy with the development of the digital economy.