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The manufacturing industry in Yinzhou wins 9 No. 1s in Ningbo

2020-01-13 14:08:01

Yinzhou boasts 22 municipal level and above single champion demonstrative enterprises (products) of the manufacturing industry in Ningbo, 48 new “Chinese Gazelle Enterprises”, and 20 certified provincial micro and small enterprise parks…, all ranking No. 1 in Ningbo. As is learnt from the Yinzhou District Economic and Information Technology Bureau and the Yinzhou District Science and Technology Bureau on January 12, Yinzhou has ranked the first places on 9 aspects of the industrial economic region since last year.

Thanks to the solid foundation of an industrial power of Yinzhou, continuous improvement of the industrial structure, promotion of the development of industrial clusters, promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading and strengthening of the high-quality development of science, technology and innovation, Yinzhou wins so many “No. 1s”.

Last year, Yinzhou boasted 350 high-tech enterprises, ranking No. 1 in Ningbo and the leading teams for industrial transformation and upgrading grew; Yinzhou boasted 4 new national single champion product enterprises and 6 municipal single champion demonstration enterprises, making the number of single champion demonstration enterprise (products) above municipal level rose up to 22, ranking No. 1 in Ningbo. A total of 48 enterprises in Yinzhou has been certified as “Chinese Gazelle Enterprises”. Large-scale single champion enterprises took the lead and played their prominent role, while “Gazelle Enterprises” played their own role to the utmost.

9 projects in Yinzhou have been shortlisted as Ningbo Municipal Digital Workshop (Smart Factory) Demonstration Projects and 4 of them have passed examination, taking the lead in Ningbo as well. The investment for technological transformation towards intelligent manufacturing in Yinzhou is getting larger and larger. For example, Borg Warner, together with Wingosoft, has developed a digital factory, improving the working efficiency by 15%, reducing the cost by 10% and shortening the period of manufacturing by 20%.

20 parks, including the Hefeng Innovation Square, Wework Industrial Park, and Science and Technology Information Incubation Park, are certified as provincial micro and small enterprise parks, again ranking No. 1 in Ningbo. Yinzhou boasts 3 national demonstration bases for venture and innovation of micro and small enterprises, accounting for one third of the total number of such bases in Ningbo. Yinzho has been leaping forward to develop micro and small enterprise parks with high standards, promoting the development of industrial clusters, and promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading. Last year, upon the basis of 10 already built micro and small enterprise parks, Yinzhou planned to newly build or transform 18 such parks with a total investment of 9 billion yuan and develop industrial clusters for micro and small enterprises…

For now, Yinzhou is actively developing the cultivation of a “154” Hundred, Ten-and-One-Billion-valued industrial clusters, and striving to be a “Straight A Student” for the cultivation of the “246” Thousand-and-Hundred Billion Industrial Clusters. All these “NO. 1s” are the manifestation of the ever-growing new energy and power for the development of Yinzhou.

Since last January till November, the added value of the kernel industry of digital economy in Yinzhou has increased by 11.5% year on year, accounting for 14.1% of the total industrial added value of large-scale enterprises; the added value of the high-tech manufacturing industry 12.7%; that of the strategic new rising industry 7.7%; the business income of the software and information technology service industry 25%... with the digital economy taking the lead, Yinzhou is witnessing high-quality development of the industrial economy.

Without the “No. 1” in science and technology innovation, there would be no “No. 1s” in the manufacturing industry. Last year, the science and technology innovation index in Yinzhou ranked No. 1 among all the top 100 districts in China and was the only one administrative region entitled as a national demonstration base for venture and innovation in Zhejiang Province. Thanks to the encouragement from the national departments, Yinzhou is now improving its environment for innovation to a higher and better level; Yinzhou has developed 212 municipal level and above enterprise engineering centers, accounting for 14.51% of the total in Ningbo; 46 platforms for venture and innovation have registered in Yinzhou, out of which 7 are national mass makers’ space and 3 national incubators, ranking No. 1 in Ningbo; the total area of platforms for venture and innovation reaches up to 480,000 square meters, and 8% out of which is owned by the government, ranking No. 1 in Ningbo; the first county-level technology transfer association in China has been set up in Yinzhou… Both the leading transformation and upgrading and technological innovation help accelerate the transformation of the old kinetic energy into a new one, fully promote high-quality development of the manufacturing power of Yinzhou, thus making Yinzhou take the lead throughout Ningbo.