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World Digital Economy Conference 2019 & the 9th China Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo ends

2019-09-09 14:45:45

On September 8, the 3-day World Digital Economy Conference and the 9th China Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo ended in Yinzhou. According to statistics, the Expo attracted 81,000 visits, out of which 52,000 are professional visits. 23 enterprises in Yinzhou showcased their self-developed products and gained a lot; 5 enterprises from Yinzhou released their latest products and 2 quality projects singed to settle down in Yinzhou.

At the Expo, a large group of local enterprises attracted numerous professional buyers and local citizens. According to the preliminary statistics, about 1.26 billion yuan of potential trade volume was harvested. Yinzhou exhibitors with various highlights competed with well-known enterprises from both at home and abroad.

At the booth of Wingoht, a red industrial robot was waving its arm to put a volute onto the testing platform. At this time, the system can automatically detect whether the appearance of the volute is up to standard. That is the new product of Wingoht, the Piercing Eye. It has already been applied by an auto parts manufacturer. We got acquainted with Huawei last year when we participate in the Smart Expo and this year Huawei is to promote application of our products in their 38 bases. The person in charge of the company said.

The Ship Group displayed a series of solutions for smart city development. Its Smart Cloud Eye realizes the intelligent ability of face recognition and vehicle recognition, and provides technical support for the application of new business model for the public security system.

SRITSOFT brought a complete set of food safety information system, contributing to the development of smart livelihood of the people gradually. “Through 8 market applications on green agricultural products, smart wholesale, smart agricultural trade, cluster management of agricultural trade markets, 15-minute vegetable basket and so on, we can break through the links of cultivation and breeding, circulation and sales, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain, make clear data of food safety, trace responsibilities, and ensure the safety of food.” The person in charge of the SRITSOFT said. This system has been applied and favored in more than 200 food markets in 11 cities throughout China.

During the 3-day Expo, a large number of world experts and industrial leaders gathered together in Yinzhou, sharing the latest trend. 1 major forum, 1 expert consulting conference nad 14 parallel sub-forums were held, focusing on 2 major fields of digital economy and new smart city development.

The person in charge of the Yinzhou Big Data Development Service Center said that this years Expo is highlighted with international buyers, guests and experts, and that it is a great platform for enterprises in Yinzhou to showcase their products. Government departments can also expand investment introduction and cooperation by visiting exhibitors. It is reported that some enterprises have already expressed their intention to either settle down in Yinzhou or expand their business in Yinzhou.