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Chu Yinliang praises the warm-hearted action of a 93-year-old Party member

2019-09-05 17:06:41

On September 4, Chu Yinliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee, commented an article, titled It Comes from You Again! A 93-year-old Party Member Pays a “Special” Party Membership Due of 16 Thousands Yuan for Remembering the Grace of the Party, which had been published on the Yinxiang APP earlier, requiring that all the Party members always keep their feelings of loving the Party and staying close to the people and strive to forge their firm beliefs.

In his comment, he wrote: we not only need to remain true to our original aspiration, but also need to insist. Comrade Han Tuyue practiced the pledge of joining the Party with his lifelong dedication and gave us a vivid theme education lesson: Party members and cadres should always keep in mind the feelings of loving the Party and staying close to the people, always keep in mind “for whom, who to rely on, and who I am”, and strive to forge firm beliefs!

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Han Tuyue, a veteran Party member, paid a special party due of 16,000 yuan to the Party organization to express his gratitude to the Party in a special way. The old man always says that the Party is his benefactor, and he cherished the hard-won good life.

The 93-year-old Han Tuyue lives in Jiangshan Town, and he used to serve as Secretary of the Party Committee of Maoshan Village and a member of Jiangshan Organizational Committee. In 1980, Han Tuyue retired. All these years after his retirement, Han Tuyue has been fond of public welfare activities and participating in various voluntary events. He would always lend a generous helping hand to those who are in need. From 2014 till now, every year when the Spring Festival is around the corner, he would invite all the environmental sanitation workers in the community to have a Chinese New Year’s Eve family reunion dinner and present each person at the dinner a red packet filled with 200 yuan as cash gift…

Though Han Tuyue is over 90 years old, he has been paying great attention to the development of his hometown. Every day, he would learn the latest news and policies issued by the Party and the government and cares about people’s livelihood. He says that it is his lofty thought and quality as a veteran Party member never to stop thinking and practicing. Whenever and wherever he is, he conveys positive energy with his actions.

What do Party members do? What kind of examples should we set? Han Tuyue’s practice has well interpreted and demonstrated the Communist Party members’ purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. At relevant meetings, Chu Yinliang has mentioned the dedication of Party members for many times. He encouraged all Party members to have a correct view of difficulties and happiness, and gains and losses in their daily work, and work selflessly and conscientiously for making extraordinary achievements at their ordinary posts.

In the course of Yinzhou’s brave climbing of “second entrepreneurship” and for “2 high and 4 good”, it is necessary that Party members and cadres rush to the front line, dare to think bravely, be able to fight bravely, stand up to the front, work together, follow their original aspirations and shoulder their responsibilities, and make every effort to promote key break through, take the lead in regional development, and improve people’s happiness.