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Summit Forum on Revitalization of Rural Culture 2019 held in Yinzhou

2019-09-02 10:14:02

Rural revitalization is not only the development of material life, but also the flourishing of spiritual culture. To implement the strategy of rural revitalization, cultural revitalization is indispensable. In the morning of September 1, the Summit Forum on Revitalization of Rural Culture 2019, sponsored by the China Society for the Construction of a Well-off Society, was held in Yinzhou District. This is another national forum held in Yinzhou this year, centering on rural revitalization, following the China National Forum on Rural Revitalization & Poverty Alleviation Cooperation, and the Seminar on Rural Full Governance System.

Present at the Forum, there were Li Chunsheng, Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Rural Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, a member of the Advisory Committee of Experts on Rural Revitalization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, former Deputy Standing Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Yin Chengjie, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Economics, Liu Qiang, former Political Commissar of PLA Xi'an Institute of Politics, Bai Changgang, Chairman of the China Well-off Society Association, and Tang Yuanjie, Party Secretary and President of the Farmers’ Daily Press. The Forum was hosted by Li Bin, Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of the China Well-off Society Association. Local leaders, including Song Yueshun, Chu Yinliang, Hu Jie, Yang Huifang, Zhu Fachuan, Zhang Xiangjin, Xu Weicheng, Fang Feilong and Zhu Xiaoli, attended the Forum as well.

The Forum, themed “Promoting Excellent Rural Culture and Contributing to Full Rural Revitalization ”, boasted over 300 attendees from relevant local departments, scientific and research units, industrial associations, investment institutions and news media as well as those national ones.

Chu Yinliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee and the Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee, welcomed the guests and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Yinzhou in his speech. He said that culture is the core of rural revitalization, and that all these years, Yinzhou has been focusing on not only the image but also the spirit, thus developing itself into a favorable district with both beautiful landscape and profound culture.


The process of revitalizing rural culture in Yinzhou is the process of shaping modern rural style. We always take core values of Chinese socialism as the guide, inherit farming culture, maritime culture and righteous village culture, integrate red genes and revolutionary spirit, and keep pace with the times to form the Yinzhou Spirit of “pragmatism, responsibility and diligence” in the new era. The process of revitalizing rural culture in Yinzhou is the process of retaining a stream of nostalgia. We take the initiative to deal with the challenges brought by rapid urbanization and strengthen the protection and development of traditional culture and regional culture by establishing inheritance base of intangible cultural heritage. The “Zhanqi Barge” sets off for Taiwan for display; the “Wan’gong Sedan Chair” appears in CCTV’s program of “National Treasure”; the “Feather-wearing Racers” becomes the badge of the Asia Arts Festival and the “Yunlong Dragon Boat” boasts a history of more than 2 thousand years. The process of revitalizing rural culture in Yinzhou is the process of singing a beautiful local accent. We have created a supply system of public cultural services, including “presenting culture”, “cultivating culture” and “creating culture”, and have carried out activities, including “artistic rise”, “reading up”, “daily series”, and “one festival in one town” and so on, which have greatly stimulated the vitality of rural culture. Yinzhou is becoming more and more famous. The process of revitalizing rural culture in Yinzhou is the process of developing a colorful rural taste. We have taken a variety of ways not only to activate the resources of cultural auditorium, Museum and Qianli Yundao, but to promote the development of cultural tourism, literary creation and so on, so as to make the rural culture more charming and colorful. The process of revitalizing rural culture in Yinzhou is the process of gathering strength from Yinzhou-born celebrities as well as the mass public. We have always insisted on building and sharing together, developing together, leading by the Party and the government, participation throughout the society, rejuvenating the masses and inviting celebrities to return to their homeland, thus gathering the great power of rejuvenating the rural culture. For the next step, we are to learn from the achievements of this Forum, keep on exploring and practicing, improve innovation and open up a great chapter of revitalization of the rural culture.

In the keynote speech of the forum, 9 leaders and guests, including Li Chunsheng, Yin Chengjie, Fang Feilong, Dong Yafen, Kong Jingyuan, Zhang Limeng, Tang Yuanjie, Chen Qiulin and Kang Ming, focused on the practical thinking of rural cultural revitalization under the new environment, the role and status of rural cultural revitalization in rural revitalization, difficulties and opportunities for the development of rural culture, the measures and suggestions for inheriting and developing excellent rural culture, the development mode of cultural industry with rural characteristics, the protection and development of traditional ancient villages, how to integrate traditional rural culture with the modern one, and the development of rural public cultural service system.

In the afternoon of August 31, leaders and experts at the Forum also paid visits to Huilong Village in Qiuga Town, Hanling Village in Dongqian Lake and Lijia Village in Yunlong Town so as to better learn how cultural revitalization contributes to rural revitalization and vivid practices on overall governance.