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Overseas talents investigate the venture and innovation environment in Yinzhou

2019-09-19 09:45:54

As one of the major activities of this year’s Yinzhou Talents Science and Technology Smart Innovation Week, the Elite Venture Tour & “Talent Train” Tour in Yinzhou 2019 was held in the morning of September 18, attracting a number of high-level talents from both at home and abroad, newly selected district talents and representatives of overseas alumni associations who came to have a better understanding of the talent policy and environment for venture and innovation in Yinzhou as well as the favorable atmosphere of making acquaintances with, cherish, value and respect the talents in Yinzhou.

The attendees first went to the Ningbo City Exhibition Hall, located in the southwest of the Ningbo Municipal Administrative Center. Following the 2 major lines of “an international port city of Ningbo” and the “Oriental Civilization Metropolis”, the pavilions of the Hall expounds Ningbo’s past, today and future from the broad perspective of “history and reality, economy and culture, and China and the World”, and presents Ningbo in the form of visualization with highlights, so that everyone can have a taste of the Ningbo City in the shortest period of time, appreciate Ningbo’s characteristics, a long history and achievements, and understand ideas, thoughts and measures for future development in Ningbo.

At the Yongjiang Talents Innovation Center, located in the Smart Innovation Corridor in the south of the city, the attendees learnt in detail the brand new ecosystem of the Center, which integrates “politics, production, learning, researches, capital and intelligence”. They were deeply impressed by the “1+X” whole chain service system provided by the comprehensive service platform, which is developed by the Center.

“Yinzhou has the industrial foundation and boasts favorable supporting policies and government departments’ strong sense of providing services. These are the main reasons why I choose Yinzhou.” Dr. Dong Hexiang, who has been selected as one of the Innovative A-type Talents of the Yinzhou District “Elite Leadership Project for Entrepreneurship in Yinzhou” 2019, said. He also said that he participated in the activities of the Yinzhou Talents Science and Technology Smart Innovation Week last year and established contacts with local enterprises. After nearly a year of in-depth cooperation, now he has taken root in Yinzhou. He used to stay overseas and was worried about potential inconveniences for his working and living in Yinzhou. When he learnt that many departments in Yinzhou had joined together to provide one-stop services for overseas high-level talents, he appreciated, “Yinzhou makes me feel at ease!”

In addition, a special arrangement was made for the attendees to take the Yinzhou “Talent Train” of Rail Transit Line 3. From the Sakura Park Station to the Yinzhou District Government Station, elite talents set foot on theme carriages of “Yinzhou Business Card”, “Talents Policy” and “I Love Yinzhou” of the “Talent Train”, appreciating the hand-painted illustrations of landmark buildings in Yinzhou, enjoying touching and warm emotional messages, and learning relevant terms of the Policy of “22-Term New Deal for Yinzhou Talents”. The policy has deepened everyone’s understanding of Yinzhou’s determination to value and cherish talents as well as Yinzhou’s great need of talents.