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Yinzhou receives 210,000 visits during the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

2019-09-16 14:31:52

During the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, scenic spots, tourism towns, museums, fitness trails and other cultural and sports venues in Yinzhou ushered in the peak of passenger flow. Till 5 p.m., 15 September, major scenic spots had received 210,000 visits with a year-on-year increase of 20.32%; the revenue reached up to 5.02 million yuan, increased by 37.44% as compared to that of the same period last year; the market for sports and culture is running smoothly, safely and orderly.

Full integration of culture, tourism and sports is one of the characteristics of vacation tourism in Yinzhou this year. During the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, these scenic spots presented numerous activities centering on the theme of gathering-together during the Festival so as to meet the needs and new expectations of the local citizens and tourists. The Romon U-Park invited guests to guess riddles on hanging lanterns; the Ningbo Ocean World boasted its activities of “Over the Sea the Moon Shines Bright” and “the Goddess Chang’s Fly to the Moon”; the Ningbo Science Exploration Center presented the Mid-Autumn Plan for “Flying to the Moon”; the Tiangong Zhuangyuan carried out the activity of “Time Hotel”…, making the cultural tourism in Yinzhou quite charming and popular among the local citizens and tourists. “It’s really good to integrate traditional culture into scenic spots. Even if we stay in Ningbo every holiday, we would still have a fresh taste of every scenic spot,” a tourist at the Tiangong Zhuangyuan said, “it would be great that we can bring our elderly to take a walk here during holidays to enjoy the charming nature.”

According to statistics, the Ningbo Ocean World received 12,500 visits during the 3-day holiday, increased by 56.25% year on year; the Ningbo Science Exploration Center welcomed 8,617 visits with an increase of 39.59% as compared to that of the same period last year; the Romon U-Park witnessed 8,500 visits with an increase of 16.44%.

Going to museums has become a new way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Based on their own cultural connotations, many museums have been continuously excavating the cultural connotations of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and have launched interesting activities to enrich and the holiday. Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum showed how to make snow-skin moon cakes, how to DIY Mid-Autumn Festival Palace Lanterns; Qing’an Hall carried out a Mid-Autumn evening party of “Bright Moon over Ningbo & Colorful Mid-Autumn Festival”, Yinzhou Pickled Vegetable Museum presented parent-child moon cake making, which were welcomed by tourists. According to statistics, the Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum received 38,000 visits during the holiday with an increase of 12.05% over the same period last year.

“Qianli Yundao” has attracted many fitness fans during this holiday. Hengxi Scenic Tourism Area, which boasts rich tourism resources, such as mountain trails, Tingxi Ridge and Songshi Ridge, received 24,000 visits in the three days, increased by 13.74% over the same period last year.

The rental rate of star-rated hotels in Yinzhou is favorable. The business income of Moqi Hotel and Tianwei Art Hotel boasted significant increase year on year. Theme characteristic hotels are becoming more and more popular. “Yuanshe”, “Zhuye”, “Tuoye” and Xiangxu – Dalezhiye and other characteristic high-quality farm stays were full during the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday.

It is worth mentioning that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, more than 70 cultural and sports activities, including parties, Tai Chi Chuan, Latin dance and so on were launched in sub-districts and towns, attracting participation of nearby residents and enriching and activating the spiritual and cultural life of urban and rural residents on holidays.