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Experts from in and out of Yinzhou visit 21 villages in our district

2019-09-12 17:19:45

From September 10 to September 11, the Yinzhou District Village Community Governance Competition “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law” entered the stage of visiting. A visiting group composed of staff from in and out of political and legal committees, village community secretaries, lawyers and university teachers visited 21 village communities in Yinzhou. As is seen from the visits, every administrative villages and communities had been following the requirements of “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law” with a variety of measures and highlights, creating a safe and harmonious living environment.

According to their characteristics, the 21 villages participating in the evaluation are more civilized and safer than others. Before the visits, the political and legal committees of the district committees and the district judicial bureaus compiled the basic information of 21 villages and communities and their achievement in safety construction into documents. At the same time, they collected relevant contents and data on “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law” in 9 villages and 12 communities to provide first-hand reference materials for the visiting delegation. In addition, each village community builds a tour route in the way of “having a line, a set of explanations, a measure, a position and a team”.

On September 10 and September 11, the expert team was divided into 2 groups, visiting villages and communities at the same time. The village-visiting team went to the Hengshan Village of Xianxiang Town, Dongcheng Village of Zhanqi Town, Santang Village of Dongwu Town, Panlong Village of Wuxiang Town, Shangwanling Village of Qiuga Town, Tangtou Village of Tangxi Town, Guanying Village of Yunlong Town, Dongguang Village of Jiangshan Town, and Meishan Village of Hengxi Town, investigating the work that had been done for and the achievements that had been made from the “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law”.

Meanwhile, the community-visiting team went to the Chenpodu Community of Shounan Sub-district, Jinghu Community of Xiaying Sub-district, Yijia Community of Panhuo Sub-district, Jianqiao Community of Zhonghe Sub-district, Huaguangcheng Community of Dongliu Sub-district, Dongcheng Community of Fuming Sub-district, Huanle Haian Community of Zhonggongmiao Sub-district, Riyue Xingcheng Community of Baihe Sub-district, Yanwu Community of Baizhang Sub-district, Zhaohui Community of Minglou Sub-district, Rongjia Community of Dongsheng Sub-district, and Jiangfeng Community of Dongjiao Sub-district, also investigating the implementation of the “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law”.

After the visits, the experts made their comments on the “Three Governance Integration and Safe Governance under Rules of Law”, not only affirming the highlights and characteristics of the task in all villages and communities, but also pointing out their setbacks and possible space for upgrading. After this visiting stage, the Competition is to enter the next stage for arena competition, i.e., representatives of these 21 villages and communities are to compete on the same stage.