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In-depth gathering of industrial internet advantages in Yinzhou

2019-12-26 11:13:27

Lately, Haoyunhu, an internet service platform for commodity logistics, signed a contract with Baihe Sub-district to provide the market with land, water and multi transport logistics solutions for bulk commodities.

Haoyunhu boasts over 30 sub-branches throughout China, providing real-time consulting, logistics and transportation services. In fact, Yinzhou boasts many industrial internet platforms that integrate resources by internet means, combine transportation resources with intelligent data analysis, and provide transportation schemes for the market and help reduce transportation costs. Under both the internal and external stimulation, the industry of internet platforms grows rapidly and matures, thus promoting the agglomeration and brand development of industrial internet platforms.

Industrial internet has now become the mainstay of the e-commerce industry in Yinzhou and plays an important role in the development of the modern service industry with innovation in Yinzhou. According to the statistics of the Yinzhou District Bureau of Commerce, this year, Yinzhou is expected to realize its online retail sales of over 50 billion yuan, cross-border e-commerce export value of 2.8 billion US Dollars, and the e-commerce platform transaction volume of over 100 billion yuan.

From the traditional foreign trade to the new foreign trade, from the traditional manufacturing to the modern service industry, Yinzhou’s industrial internet is taking the lead, gradually focusing on the overall industry to a more professional and in-depth vertical e-commerce mode. The industrial foundation of the e-commerce B2B is developing, and the industrial environment and ecology are also developing better. Yinzhou now boasts platforms of SHI MAO TONG and China Base Foreign Trade, providing foreign trade services, booking platforms for the shipping logistics industry, such as the Tiedada, leading internet platforms for domestic industrial procurement, such as the HAIZOL, and Huijin Datong for the bulk commodity industry. Besides, in terms of platform types, there are not only third-party matchmaking business service platforms, but also enterprises’ own direct sales platforms, B2B industrial commercial platforms and B2C individual consumption platforms. The platforms of SHI MAO TONG, Huijin Datong, the website of Soubu, and LIUBIKE boast their leading advantages in their respective industries to some extent.

According to relevant statistics, there are more than 10 enterprises with platform trading volume exceeding 100 million yuan respectively in Yinzhou. The rapid development of the industrial internet has drawn a “beautiful arc” for the traditional manufacturing industry in Yinzhou and help get rid of the low point of the “smile curve”.