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The “Harvest Carnival” popularizes the brand of cultural festival in Dongwu

2019-12-02 15:40:16

More than 1,300 Chinese and foreign runners ran freely amidst Taibai mountains and waters. International friends and Ningbo citizens experienced authentic pickled potherb mustard culture together. In the morning of November 30, the Ningbo Taibai Lake International Marathon & Pickled Potherb Mustard Cuisine and Cultural Festival 2019 were held in the town of Dongwu.

At 8:30 in the morning of that day, the Ningbo Taibai Lake International Marathon & Yinzhou “Thousand-mile Cloud Trails” Third Sub-session was convened. The competition was divided into 2 events, namely the 21km half marathon and 10km happy running, which attracted 137 teams and more than 1,300 runners, including 25 long-distance runners from 14 countries and regions.

At 9 a.m., the 7th Pickled Potherb Mustard Cuisine and Cultural Festival 2019, one of the series of activities of the Yinzhou Farmers’ Harvest Festival, was held. Dongwu Town chose to move the venue of the event from the Pickled Potherb Mustard Museum to its Cultural and Sports Center Square where there’s a sea of people. 14 teams competed, salting potherb mustard with their feet. Among them, there were experienced labors, urban white-collar workers, Yinzhou natives and foreign students. Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, more than 40 young players experienced the fun of salting potherb mustard with the help of their parents. Many citizens aside were eager to experience the traditional artificial step of salting potherb mustard.

On the same day, a music festival and a cuisine festival were held as well. People not only enjoyed numerous popular songs and children’s dragon dance performance, but also enjoyed delicious local foods of glutinous rice rolls with brown sugar and black rice as well as traditional Ningbo foods of Dasong Rice Cake and Liangnong Glutinous Big Cake, etc.

“It is hoped that through such a ‘Harvest Carnival’ with the participation of the mass public, the local people share the development achievements of Dongwu and we are able to let more citizens and friends from other places know and experience Dongwu, and further promote the construction of ‘Quality Dongwu’.” Wang Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongwu Town, said.

It’s learnt that this activity is characterized by the combination of agriculture, tourism and culture. It is a key activity for Dongwu Town to thoroughly implement the strategy of “Rural Revitalization” and vigorously promote the development of all-round tourism of beautiful villages. As the founding unit of Ningbo Rural Tourism Demonstration Zone, Dongwu Town, with rich landscape resources, guided by scale, brand and quality products, has held the Pickled Potherb Mustard Cuisine and Cultural Festival for 7 consecutive years, focusing on building a characteristic agriculture with a strong leading industry, beautiful ecological environment, strong farming culture and tight combination of agriculture and tourism. Meanwhile, Dongwu has held 4 sessions of Taibai Lake International Marathon on the basis of previous 12 years’ of Tiantong International Mountaineering Festival while adhering to the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, taking ecological culture as the core, and adhering to the characteristics of internationalization and teamwork for the development of tourism in the whole region.