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3 products of Yinzhou win gold prizes at the Zhejiang Agricultural Fair

2019-11-25 16:04:10

As is learnt from the Yinzhou District Agricultural & Rural Development Bureau on November 24, the list of award-winners of the Zhejiang Agricultural Fair 2019 has been released, and 3 products of Yinzhou are gold-prize winners on the List, while another 3 win quality prizes.

A total of 396 products have been awarded with prizes at this Fair, including 171 gold prizes, 17 new product gold prizes and 208 quality prizes. Guiben Rice, Yierzhai Seaweed, and Sanfeng Yinzhou Pickled Vegetable win the gold prizes, while Lijiayang Lvda Mustard, Ziyuntang Pickled Vegetable and Yongxiang Bamboo Shoot win quality prizes.

“The winners of this award are all famous and special products in the agricultural industry of our district, with certain production scale and commodity volume, significant regional characteristics and unique nutritional quality characteristics, stable supply and consumption markets.” Li Yongwei, Director of the Yinzhou District Agricultural & Rural Development Bureau, said.

The agriculture industry in Yinzhou will adhere to the development of green, brand and excellent products, and the government departments will actively build a sales platform for agricultural enterprises to further improve the popularity and reputation of their agricultural products.