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China (Ningbo) Integrated Circuit Industrial Ecology Forum held in Yinzhou

2019-11-21 15:14:30

The China (Ningbo) Integrated Circuit Industrial Ecology Forum 2019 was held in Yinzhou on November 20. Many experts on manufacturing, education and research of integrated circuit in China, including Shen Changxiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a member of the China National Integrated Circuit Industrial Development Advisory Committee, Yan Xiaolang, Director of the Expert Committee of China Semiconductor Industry Association, and Wu Hanming, General Manager of the SMIC (Ningbo) Innovative Design Service Center, gathered together at the Forum, discussing the development of the integrated circuit industry. The Forum attracted over a hundred enterprises that are specialized in manufacturing of the integrated circuit. Present at the Forum, there were also governmental leaders, including Chen Bingrong, Deputy Mayor of the Ningbo City, Wang Zhaobo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee and District Mayor of the Yinzhou District, and Dai Huaxiang, Deputy District Mayor of the Yinzhou District.

Wang Zhaobo noted that in recent years, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution is booming, bringing new opportunities to the development of the integrated circuit industry. For Yinzhou, the development of the integrated circuit industry is not only for meeting the needs of enterprises to seize new opportunities, but also for Yinzhou to upgrade itself from Made in Yinzhou to Smart Made in Yinzhou based on its own development needs. But the problem is “lacking in the core”. Ningbo Microelectronics Industrial Park has been opened, and a number of key enterprises have taken root in Ningbo. At present, Yinzhou District is building an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem. We will be committed to developing the integrated circuit industry, focusing on the advantageous needs of Ningbo and the Zhejiang Province as a whole, building industrial clusters in key areas, expanding, optimizing and upgrading the industry, and building a highland for design of the integrated circuit industry by continuously supplementing and strengthening the chain and improving the industrial ecology.

There are 3 major projects signed for development, bringing practical promotion to the development of the industries in Yinzhou. At the Forum, the People’s Government of Jiangshan Town signed a contract with the Beihuajinru Communication Co., Ltd. (Preparatory) for the project of optical communication security chip. As is learnt, optical communication security chip project is a new generation of a strategic emerging industry of information technologies, and is the cross integration of information communication and the network security industry. The project focuses on the research and development of optical communication security chip and module, which can effectively promote the independent and controllable development of the network communication security field. The Haishu District Economic and Information Technology Bureau signed a contract with Ningbo Xinchengyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. Being an electronic technology enterprise integrating integrated circuit, discrete devices, electronic module R&D, production, sales and services, the Xinchengyi has made the integrated circuit industry team in Yinzhou District more competitive. The Panhuo Sub-district signed an agreement with Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. for the project of electronic semiconductor packaging material production and R&D base with Kangqiang Electronics. “Kangqiang Electronics” is the largest supplier of integrated circuit lead frame in China and one of the top 10 enterprises specialized in production of special materials for integrated circuits in China. The very project is expected to increase the sales volume of “Kangqiang Electronics” by 400 million yuan.

At the Forum, the Unveiling Ceremony of the SMIC (Ningbo) Innovative Design Service Center, which is to settle in Yinzhou, was held. As the core technology department of SMIC, the Center aims to grow into a design service center with more than 100 R&D personnel, with an expected cumulative output of 176 million yuan in 3 years’ time.

It is worth mentioning that a special exchange meeting for the IC industry was arranged during the Forum. Various excellent enterprises in industrial bases and of the IC industrial chain had in-depth exchanges, introducing industrial projects and seeking cooperation opportunities after visiting Ningbo Microelectronics Innovation Industrial Park.