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The First World-wide Yinzhou People Development Conference held

2019-11-18 16:40:42

People born in Yinzhou coming a long way from all over the world gather together for a better Yinzhou. In the morning of November 12, the First World-wide Yinzhou People Development Conference and its opening ceremony were held ceremoniously in Yinzhou. Over 500 celebrities, including those who were born in Yinzhou and those who are willing to “help Yinzhou”, gathered together in Yinzhou for exchanges and for further development of Yinzhou towards a better future.

Zheng Shanjie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, made instructions. Present at the Conference, there were also Xie Xuren, Former Secretary of the Party Group and Former Minister of the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, Li Junru, Former Deputy Dean of the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C, Chen Qun, Former Deputy Secretary of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Chen Zhengxing, Former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Cai Liangcai, a professor and Major General of the Air Force Engineering University, Shi Zhongci, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xu Zhilei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Jianping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Jianyu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hu Jun, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Head of the United Front Department, and Chu Yinliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee, delivered their speeches at the Conference. The Conference was hosted by Wang Zhaobo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yinzhou District Committee and District Mayor of the Yinzhou City.

Leaders who were born in Yinzhou, outstanding Yinzhou people either overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and their family descendants, representatives from fields of science, education, culture, health, sports and so on, Yinzhou-born celebrities of the industry and commerce, major organizations at home and abroad, and other representatives from all walks of life who have made important contributions to the development of Yinzhou and participated enthusiastically for the development and construction of Yinzhou as well as representatives of project contracting parties, and leaders of the four major governmental and political organizations in Yinzhou District attended the conference.

Zheng Shanjie noted in his instructions that on the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we’re glad to have everyone gathered in Ningbo to carry out exchanges so as to help Yinzhou as well as Ningbo to develop further and better. Governmental departments and everyone involved at all levels in Yinzhou should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and carry out in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central Party Committee and the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the requirements of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, vigorously carry forward the spirit of “4 Knowledge” in Ningbo, and strive for the first place in the bid to make greater contributions to Ningbo’s leading position in the high-quality development.

Hu Jun, on behalf of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, extended warm congratulations on the opening of the Conference. He said that all along, Yinzhou people throughout the world are hard-working and kind-hearted, showing their talents in various fields and industries, highlighting their fame and making their contributions. At the same time, all the Yinzhou-born celebrities have always kept in mind their hometown friendship, been paying attention to the changes in their hometown, and been supporting the development of their hometown. Together with people now in Yinzhou, they vigorously carried forward the “4 Knowledge” Spirit in Ningbo, seized major opportunities, working hard and taking the lead for the promotion of the development in Yinzhou. They created 1/5 of the city’s total economic output with 1/12 of the city’s land, contributing a lot to the high-quality development in Ningbo, fully proving that a better Yinzhou a better Ningbo and a better Ningbo a better Yinzhou.

Chu Yinliang warmly welcomed all Yinzhou-born celebrities, guests and friends, and extended cordial greetings to Yinzhou-born people from all over the world. He said that Yinzhou, once the first county of Mingzhou and now the core urban area of Ningbo, has the most vivid interpretation and the longest inheritance of “4 Knowledge and 4 Practices” and “Unity of Knowledge and Practice”. In short, Yinzhou is “innovating from the old and striving for new highs”.

Chu Yinliang said that innovation is the most sonorous step for “Unity of Knowledge and Practice” in Yinzhou, which has been promoting Yinzhou to keep striving for one new high and another. He described the spirit of Yinzhou people’s “innovation” in the past thousand years with “4 First”, namely “righteousness, opportunity-seeking, implementation and striving always come first”. He introduced in detail the Yinzhou-born celebrities, scientific pioneers, heroic perons, and caring people who emphasized learning and national justice. He told the legends of “where there are Yinzhou people, there would be a market” as well as the legend of Ningbo Merchants. He looked back on how Yinzhou seized the great opportunities such as the reform and opening up and administrative adjustment to achieve development with a great leap forward, and summarized the remarkable achievements that had been made by Yinzhou people in the new era.

Chu also said that striving for the highest level is the constant original intention of “Unity of Knowledge and Practice” of Yinzhou people, which leads Yinzhou to constantly change the old for a new. At present, the “Yinzhou” giant ship is moving forward at full speed towards being a demonstration area for “2 high and 4 good”. In the future, Yinzhou will be a district that would strive actively with courage and a district that dares to solve any problems in the front for a better district of Yinzhou. We should vigorously stimulate the spirit of “hardworking, responsibility and progress” and focus on promoting the development of an innovative ecological system of “Rainforest Style”, “246” Hundred-Billion-and Trillion Industrial Clusters and “225” Foreign Trade Double-Trillion Yinzhou Action, “6 New Space”, and “six 1-square-kilometer future industrial communities”, as well as global governance innovation, etc., and stride forward to be among the top 3 of the top 100 districts in China in terms of comprehensive strength. He hoped that the vast majority of Yinzhou people from all over the world and people who are “helping Yinzhou” would work together to create a new realm, compose a new chapter and tell a good story of Yinzhou for further development in Yinzhou.

At the end of his speech, Chu said affectionately that no matter how big the world is, this is home; no matter how far you go, Yinzhou will always look forward to you, welcome you, and wait for you at home. No matter where we are, Yinzhou will always need your wisdom, your strength, and your cheers. The future is coming, not far away, and no matter when, a better Yinzhou will inspire us to work hand in hand and forge ahead!

4 Yinzhou-born celebrities, including Li Junru, Wang Jianyu, Dong Ruibao and Huang Juncan and those who are “helping Yinzhou” addressed their speeches at the Conference. 10 renowned Yinzhou-born persons throughout the world, such as Ma Youyou, Yu Lina, and Chen Zhenlian and so on at home and abroad, sent their blessings through short videos.

The conference released the index model of China’s county social governance, and released the list top 10 counties (cities) and districts for county social governance in Zhejiang in 2019. Yinzhou is on the list. What is the core competitiveness of Yinzhou? What is the future development potential? Experts were invited to interpret Yinzhou’s competitiveness.

Later on, Chen Weihong, a host of CCTV, interviewed 10 Yinzhou-born celebrities and those who are “helping Yinzhou”, including Jin Haiteng, Ying Bingnan, Zhou Jule, Quan Shanshi, Yin Chengzong, Chen Hao, Chen Qizong, Chen Jianping, Zheng Yonggang, Zheng Jianjiang, etc., focusing on the themes of the reform and opening-up spirit, cultural self-confidence, and high-quality development prospects.

11 guests, including Gao Mingxuan, Chen Jianping, Wang Jianyu, Yu Feng, Zheng Yonggang, He Dexu, Yu Jianxing, Ni Pengfei, Jin Haiteng, Dong Xijian and Zhong Haizhong, were invited to become consultants for the development of Yinzhou. Chu Yinliang issued letters of appointment to these development consultants.

Contracts for 19 projects with a total investment of 47 billion yuan were signed on site. “Home of Yinzhou People” project was officially launched at the Conference.

In the afternoon of that day, a variety of activities, including Yinzhou Seminar on “Tropical Rainforest” Innovation Ecosystem, Ningbo (Yinzhou) Symposium and Project Docking Meeting on Financial Science and Technology Innovation and Industrial Integration Development, and the Establishment Ceremony of Yinzhou District Culture and Art Development Committee & Yinzhou-born Cultural Experts Symposium, were held.