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Ningbo Maternal and Children Care Centre (Ningbo Red Cross Hospital /)

2012-12-06 13:43:41

Founded in 1985, it is a large hospital specializing in gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, disease prevention, health care, first aid and rehabilitation. It is the teaching hospital for provincial medical institutes and universities, the State-level baby-friendly hospital, the Provincial level civilized hospital, and the municipal and provincial level civilized unit. The hospital is technically responsible for directing health care for women and children of the whole municipality.

There are 650 working staff members in employment, of which 77.38% are professionals. Archiaters total 17 in number and associate archiaters 50. The hospital covers a land area of 22,909 m2, with floor space of 18,000 m2. The ratified number of beds is 400, the number of annual clinic visits is 540,000, and the number of annual hospitalisation is 13,000. Available in the hospital are 21 clinical departments, 37 specialist/specialty ambulant clinics, 5 medical technique departments, and 2 municipal level featured specialty departments. Also located in the hospital are Ningbo Procreation Medical Research Centre, Ningbo New-born Baby Disease Monitoring Centre, and Ningbo Prenatal and Postnatal Check-up Centre. Test-tube babies of both the 1st and the 2nd generation were born at this hospital. The hospital is equipped with a number of impressive medical facilities, such as Toshiba 300 full-body CT, 800 mA X-ray machine, OEC9600DSA, Gitter intelligent galactophore targeting apparatus, black and white Doppler B-type ultrasonic detector, color LOGIQ700 B-type ultrasonic detector, Ohmeda anaesthesia machine, Sams invitrio circulator, HP MICU, MD central monitoring system, Siemens blood analyser, full automation specific protein analyser, CELL-DYN1600 full automation haemocytometer, AXSYM full automation express immunity analyser, 1420 Victor multi-mark immunity analysing system, Mini-vital incubator, and AA800 microelement detector. Department of Paediatrics Medicine of the hospital is good at first aid to newborn babies in critical conditions and to babies with extremely low weight. Department of Cardiovascular Medicine undertakes checking of the left and the right cardiac catheters of babies with innate heart diseases, and conducts intravenous pyelography as well as plantation of permanent artificial heart pacers to babies. Department of Gynaecology conducts metrocarcinoma broad resection, pelvic cavity lymphnode cleanout, oophoroma radical treatment, broad resection of carcinoma of vulva, and diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases with application of endoscope. Department of Obstetrics is good at first aid and treatment to parturient in critical conditions. Department of Cardio-thoracic Surgery is capable of performing very sophisticated operations to babies, such as direct vision operation inside cardiac chamber with invitrio circulation, single ventricle combination, and pulmonary vein complete ectopy conduction. With application of traditional Chinese medicine in diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological and paediatric diseases, the hospital exhibits a unique feature of its own. Department of Imaging carries out interposition therapies such as embolisms to artery and cardiac catheters, interposition therapies to hysteromyoma, and saccule dilation to renal artery stenosis.

Add: 109, Liuding Street, Ningbo
Postcode: 315010
Tel.: 87116661