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Lisi Group

2012-12-06 14:56:04

1. Our product line consists of 9 major catagories of more than 2500 items.
2. ISO 9001 2000 version is approved.
3. Our products are sold throught the world.
4. Our main headquarters and factory are in Ningbo,China.
5. Our modern manufacturing facility is two million square feet.
6. Our factory employs 3,000 people during peak season.
7. High quality printing technique, silk screen printing, hot stamping, transfer printing, etc..
8. Our 240 high speed injecting machines are the newest equipment in China.
9. Our computer moldmaking machines are all supervised by our top management people-quality and precision in mold making is our goal.
10. Our showrooms are located in Ningbo,HongKong and the U.S.A.
11. In 2004,LISI together with Schweizer established engineering and patent lawyers network which can enable you to design and develop complex finished goods!