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Youngor Garment Group

2012-12-06 14:56:36

In 1979, 20 young people established ”Youth Garment Factory”, the origin of Youngor, with a fund of only 20,000 RMB. 25 years later, Youngor has grown into a leading company in Chinese garment industry with a listed company, Youngor Group Co., Ltd., and approximately 40 other subsidiaries. The net assets also reach 3.35 billion RMB. Today Youngor Group has developed an operational pattern based on fabric and garment production with real estate and foreign trade as supplements. In 2003, the group realized net sales of RMB10.119 billion Yuan, profits of RMB658 million Yuan, exports of USD520 million, and thus ranks the No.49 of the TOP 500 Chinese enterprises. Youngor brand shirts and suits have maintained the largest market share of Chinese market for 8 years and 4 years respectively.

1995 saw the foundation of Youngor Apparels Co., Ltd, a company that focuses on the development of Youngor’s domestic sales network. Now it has set up more than 100 branches, 400 exclusive shops and 2,000 retail outlets in China. At the same time, Youngor is setting foot in upstream industries by constructing a textile complex and an accessories complex, which are intended to focus on top-grade shell fabrics. The building up of the textile complex marks that Youngor has gradually developed an integrated framework of textiles and fabrics, ready-to-wears and retail chains in the field of fabrics and garments.