What to do if I lost my passport?

2012-12-03 14:59:35


1. If you lose your passport, you should report the loss to the consulate at once.
2. Report the loss to the security police.
3. The consulate will confirm your identity and report to you.
4. You will have a simple interview with the consulate, and you will be informed of a re issuance date.
5. Finally, your passport will be reissued. Required documents: An application for re issuance of your passport, 3 applications referring to your identity - Identification, 6 passport photos It is best to keep your passport in your pocket and use care in handling this document, as it can be very time consuming to have your passport reissued. The rise of crime in passport transactions makes their re issuance more and more difficult. Students with verifiable identification may be able to have their passports reissued in a shorter time. Even so, it usually takes 2 months!