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Yinzhou People’s Hospital

2006-05-08 09:56:21
Yinzhou People’s Hospital, located in the BCD downtown Ningbo, was founded in September 1949. It is a third-grade B comprehensive hospital and a designated hospital for Ningbo Medical Insurance System.
The hospital now has a staff of 791, of whom 125 are senior doctor, 20 professors, 3 PhD, and 16 MA doctors. It has over 800 ward beds, receiving over 20,000 in-patients a year, and over 700,000 out-patients. The hospital is quipped with major medical instrument as linear accelerator, NMR, ECT, DSA, rolling CT, and digital X-ray unit.
It levels the highest in the field of treating leukemia by means of auto bone marrow transplant, hematopoietic stem cell transplant, and intensive chemotherapy. It is the first hospital in Ningbo that successfully operated a liver transplantation operation, and so far, it has made a success of over 10 such operations. It has reached a degree of excellence for its successful treatment of liver cancer, coronary artery support implant, dual cavity cardiac pacemaker transplant, thyroid tumor, adrenal tumor, and other malignant tumors. It levels the highest in Ningbo for its surgical operation of lung cancer, esophagus cancer, corneal transplantation, cataract trasonic emulsification, and vitreous cutting operation. In recent years, It has undertaken 41 provincial and municipal research projects.
It is the teaching hospital of the medicine college of Zhejiang University, and affiliated hospital of the medical college of Hangzhou Normal College.
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